Even and in particular if you are a small, independent music producer with a rather limited number of clients, certain types of business software can be a great help. I’m in particular talking about shipping software and export software that can be a lifesaver for anyone who ships out media such as CDs or tapes. Obviously, the benefit of this type of software will be even greater if you happen to be a large company where thousands of customers may be ordering from you each week.

music-businessWhat is so special about shipping software and how can it help your business?

If you send out merchandise that customers ordered, nothing can be more important than a) sending out the right merchandise without having made a mistake and b) delivering your goods on time without unnecessary delays as well as c) that you choose best and most cost-effective method of shipping.

If you look at the above points you will realise that this is not always easy. Shipping software can help. It’s probably the best option you have to manage all your invoices and orders and to avoid problems there. Shipping software can also help you to always be up-to-date on costs and prices for the various shipping carriers available. This means you will always be able to ship your merchandise in the most cost-effective way.

The irony is that the smaller your company, the less you can actually afford to spend valuable time and money on doing those things manually without an effective system in place. Modern export software can help you automate many tasks which means it saves you time and money.  You will have more time for other, important things.

With faster deliveries and lower prices come also more satisfied customers. This and the above are the reasons I recommend international trade documentation and shipping software for my buddies in this business.

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According to Mary J Blige, the United Kingdom is better those who are in the music business. In this interview with Mary J Blige the singer says that she likes the UK because “the music is free over here the way it used to be in the States”.

Blige who is working at RAK studios is collaborating with some of the best young artists in contemporary music for several weeks. If you want to read the very comprehensive interview with the singer I recommend you check out the article over at The Guardian at http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/aug/31/mary-j-blige-interview-uk-london-sessions



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Throwing a party with some friends sure is nothing where you will need to get overly worried about. They you won’t face major challenges in regards to selecting your musical entertainment, seating arrangements or the various foods and drinks.

The Singing Waiters UKA big event such as a wedding reception or a corporate parity on the other hand may require an entirely different approach with planning and all the things you will be offering your guests.

Obviously, if you want to make a good impression, say at the upcoming company party, you don’t want to skimp on some important essentials, such as your guest’s musical entertainment during the event.

In the UK, when we are talking about wedding receptions or corporate parties you will likely at some point hear about the singing waiters UK. The reason is that the singing waiters are all the hype in the UK right now especially in the London area.

Who are the singing waiters?

The singing waiters are what’s also known as surprising singers. They are called surprise singers since they are usually disguised and mingle amongst your guests without anyone knowing that they are actually present at your event. When it’s time for their show there will usually start out with some act that will draw you get attention before they reveal themselves and then start singing and dancing.

The singing waiters make for a great party and wedding entertainment since they cover all types of musical styles and tastes. The can even perform classical arias and operas if that’s what you wish for your event. All of the singing waiters are professionally trained which I’m sure you will immediately realize when you see them performing.

In my opinion, the singing waiters¬† could really be high on your list if you’re looking for something unique for your next party or wedding reception. Always know that almost nothing is more important than the musical entertainment for your guests. The selection of your music can actually make or break the entire party. With the singing waiter’s surprise music you can make all the difference¬† which will make make your event truly outstanding.

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One popular music venue in Manchester, the Night & Day, is now under threat due to a noise complaint.

The venue which already hosted many famous acts for more than two decades is now in the midst of a dispute with erupted after a single resident’s noise complaint.

The resident who lives just one block next to the famous club in Manchester’s Northern Quarter explained to the press why he failed the complaint: “It’s a living nightmare living here. Nobody will understand that until you actually live in this flat and actually go through what we’ve gone through.It is hell. I’ve cried and screamed. It’s been very tough.”

After the resident complained to the council, the city’s music community mobilised in support of the venue. An online petition has now reached 74,000 signatures.

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If you are looking for some cool ideas for your furniture in the home or in your office, here is a tip from me. If you’re like me, I always like this type of furniture that is made from natural materials best and this includes glass, stone, wood and similar materials.

Since our office is all about the sea and set in an ocean theme, my boss wanted me to look into what type of natural furniture would go best with it. This is when I found out about furniture made from driftwood. I showed it to my boss and he told me right away it’s exactly what he had in mind.

driftwood-table-bleachedAs you can see there is natural-looking driftwood furniture which looks very nice there is those made from bleach driftwood as well. Right now our king over the entire collection to decide which driftwood pieces we could get and where they could fit best.

driftwood-table-lamp Here on the left I put up a total of the driftwood table lamp which also looks awesome, same for her wonderful driftwood mirrors.

We will probably end up putting that one into the bedroom.

I can highly recommend that you check out Karen’s collection over at www.dorisbrixham.co.uk. Better even if you happen to live near Brixham because then you can look at all those great pieces in person and transportation will also not be a problem. So definitely make sure check out her cool designer driftwood furniture, artwork and great driftwood sculptures.

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