5 Facts About Termites
Termites are pests that eat cellulose from the wood on your home. The pests are small, usually have wings, and cause massive damage to your property in a very short amount of time. They live in colonies that can have thousands of the pests inside at any time. There are many other facts about termites important for you to know. The five below are a few of those facts about termites that you might be interested in learning. 1- Types of Termites There are three main categories of termites, each with thousands of different sub-categories of termites. Those are Drywood, Dampwood, and Subterranean termites. Each termite is attracted to a different type of wood, but is nonetheless just as devastating to your home once it makes it way to the wood structure. 2- Types of Termite Treatment Laguna Beach Once you discover termites at your home, it is important that you take advantage of termite treatment Laguna Beach immediately. The experts have a few different ways to treat termites, which varies depending upon the termite species, severity, etc. They'll discuss the various ways to treat termites to help determine which method is best for your needs and budget. 3- A Close Relation The termite is related to the cockroach! Many people do not realize the pests are distant cousins. Additionally, the termite is one of the oldest pests to exist! It is estimated that termites have been around for about 200 million years. 4- Signs of Termites Many signs of termites exist. It is important that you