HAFI is a grant program put into place to assist those people living in British Columbia with health or mobility issues. The goal is to keep people living independently in their homes by helping them afford modifications which will make it safer and easier for them to get around. It is open to those with a low income, low assets, and problems with their health.

The HAFI renovation program is mostly afforded to senior citizens, but there is not an age limit set in place. A portion of individuals are younger, but have difficulties getting around the home due to a preexisting medical condition. The maximum amount of funding is $20,000, so renovations done to the home must fall under this amount to be covered.

A few things which may qualify a person for HAFI funding includes:

·    Age (the elderly are those who qualify most often)

·    Arthritis

·    Hearing or Sight Problems, including being legally deaf or blind

·    Disability affecting the legs or arms, where a person must use a cane, walker, or wheel chair

·    Weight issues

·    Chronic diabetes

How to Apply

Applying must be done through the British Columbian government. Key personal information will be needed to verify your identity, and then there will be questions pertaining to your need of the HAFI renovation grant program. This will include questions on both your disability or mobility issue, as well as those asking about your personal income and assets – including your home’s worth. If you meet the guidelines, there are several contractors you can work with.

What Is Covered

HAFI renovation

The funding provided covers any renovations or remodeling tasks which help those with disabilities to stay independent within their own homes. One of the areas renovations take place is the bathroom. The bathroom is prone to slips and falls, and bath tubs may not always be easily accessible.

To give you an idea, the types of projects which might be carried out in the bathroom include:

·    Replacement of traditional shower heads with those who have handles on the hose

·    Bars near the shower

·    Lever handle faucets which are easier to use for those with issues in their hands